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Server Rank 10
Platform L2J
Language English
Chronicle CT0 Interlude
Category Lineage 2 (Games)
Online 3 years 6 months and 0 days
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Added 2020-11-18 01:13:58
Open: 2020-11-28 16:00:00
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Server Rates
Exp: x10
SP: x10
Adena: x3
Drops: x3
Safe Enchant: +3
Max Enchant: +16
Server Customs
GM Shop
Global GK
Offline Shop
RaidBoss Status
Quest Item Shop
PC Bang Points Shop
Dye Shop
Boss Shop
Custom Zone
Custom Monsters
Custom Raidboss
Custom GrandBoss
Custom Boss Level
Custom Weapons
Custom Armor
Custom Champion Monsters
Custom Drops
Autolearn Skills
Official Siege time
Official Olympiad time
Automatic Events
Auto Pickup
Custom Commands
Custom Community Board
Accessories - Break into our fabulous world of Lineage 2 Interlude and show everything you are capable of.
Servers live for years without WIPES.
Start: November 28 at 16:00 GMT +3
Chronicles: Interlude
Rates: X10
Direction: LowRate+PvP

BOT allowed
Unique sharpening system
Beginner Buffer from level 6 to 40
Buffs / Tanzi / Songs of 20 minutes each
The number of slots in the recipe book - 75/75
The number of slots in the inventory - 120/140
Carried weight limit x3 from the standard
Number of sub-classes - 3
Mana Potion Restores 500 MP
Autoloot from the start
Global chat from level 20
Siege of castles and purchase of clan halls are available with clan level 6
Fortress Siege Available from Clan Level 5
Announcement of the appearance of Noble / Sabb and Epic RB - 60 min. to resp
Auto-learn skills
Buff Slots - 22 + 4 Divine Inspiration
Offline trade / craft for Adena
Sharpening and LS stack
Hight Grade Life Stone 76 lvl with a 0.01% chance added to all monsters of level 76+
/ unstuck - 30 sec
Removed S Grade drop from all RB / Epic RB
Multi Mammon is Game Shop
Auto restart of the server at 4:30 Moscow time

Exp: X10
SP: X10
Adena: X3(chance 30%)
Drop: X3
Spoil: X3
Quest Reward: x1
Quest Reward(Adena): X3
PB Drop: X5
Epic Boss Drop: x1
Quest: X3

Exp: X12
Sp: X12
Adena: X6
Drop: X6
Spoil: X6

REP Epic RB standard
REP RB 12-36 hours

12 and 3 professions can be purchased for Coin of Luck and Adena
The price of the first profession - 200 000 Adena - 30 Coin of Luck
Price of the second profession-1.200.000 Adena-100 Coin of Luck
The price of the third profession - 500 Coin of Luck or quest

Weapons-safe +3 maximum +16
Armor / costume Jewelry-safe +3 maximum +14
Solid armor-safe +4 maximum +14
Chance of regular sharpening:
Weapons - +4-+16=50-10%
Armor / Costume Jewelry - +4-+14=50-10%
If the sharpening is unsuccessful it is broken into crystals
Chance of Blessed sharpening:
Weapons - +4-+16=60-20%
Armor / Costume Jewelry - +4-+14=60-20%
If the sharpening is unsuccessful it is divided into +0
Chance of Crystal sharpening:
Weapons - +4-+8=0% +9-+16=100%
Armor / Costume Jewelry - +4-+8=0% +9-+14=100%
Crystal Scroll can be purchased in the game store for Coin of Luck (D/C) and Bonus Coin(B/A/S)

Running time-14 hours after restarting the server
Registration and working time-10 minutes
Number of participants-4-100
Levels for registration - 76-80
Reward for winning - 3 Bonus Coin
The award is given to players who have committed at least 1 murder

Complete the quest
You can buy quest items for Coin of Luck
REP sub and nubl RB 12-36 hours

Working hours-18: 00-00: 00
Number of participants-5/5
The reward for winning is 300 points
Without any HWID / IP restrictions

Trading or crafting in offline mode is available for 10000 Adena
It is possible to sit on offline trading / crafting for 30 days

Knocks out 76 + level monsters with a 0.01 chance%
Get a reward for winning on TvT(3 Bonus Coins.)
Buy at the exchange rate 1 Bonus Coin=5 Coin of Luck/1 Gold Bar/50000 AA/144 Points online

With 76+ level every 60 minutes of online character is awarded 60 points online
During the day of the game you can accumulate 1440 Points online

The list and use of commands are available via the menu command
.classmaster-calling the profession Manager window
. offline-activation of offline trading / crafting
. premium - check your premium status
. epic - information about Grand Bosses

Server info: