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Platform L2J
Language English
Chronicle CT0 Interlude
Category Lineage 2 (Games)
Online 3 years 6 months and 20 days
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Added 2020-12-25 21:05:11
Open: 2020-12-25 21:05:11
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Server Rates
Exp: x35
SP: x45
Adena: x200
Drops: x1
Safe Enchant: +3
Max Enchant: +27
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We are an L2 FULL INTERLUDE Craft PvP server.

• EXP: 35x
• SP: 45x
• DROP: 1x
• SPOIL: 15x
• ADENA 200x
• Enchant Weapon Safe: +3.
• Enchant Weapon Max: +27.
• Enchant Weapon Rate: Normal Scroll - 58% Blessed Scroll - 65%.
• Enchant Armor & Jewel Safe: +3.
• Enchant Armor & Jewel Max: + 12.
• Enchant Armor & Jewel Rate: Normall Scroll - 40% Blessed Scroll - 50%.
• Interlude Client 100% Working.
• Starting Level: 20 with 5 000 000 Adena.
• 1st Class for free 2nd Class for free - reward 10KK Adena 3rd Class for free - reward 1 BOG.
• Main Town: Strip Mine (Shopping zone. Here u can fing all our custom NPCs.)
• Farm Zone: ACM Level 78 (Drop from mobs is Adena and Seal Stones. Here you can find also 4 custom raid bosses.)
• Epic Zone: Gondor Level 87-90 (Drop from Gondor Guards is Adena Seal Stones and Little chance for Epic Weapons. Here you can find also 5 custom raid bosses.)
• Epic Zone: Mordor Level 87-90 (Drop from Mordor Guards is adena Seal Stones and Little chance for Mordor Weapons. Here you can find also 5 custom raid bosses.)
• Max. level is 80 and 100%.
• Zariche and Cursed Weapon System work 100%.
• Auto Learn Skill.
• Subclass: Free.
• AIO System: Buffs lasts 2 hour. Special Buffs Cov Magnus etc... 1 hour. Seraphin and Cat 30 min.
• Free NPC Buffs lasts: 1 hour. Special Buffs Cov Magnus etc... 20 min. Seraphin and Cat 5 min.
• Buffs slot: 34.
• Clan skill: 100% working.
• Olympiad fully working. Period is 1 week.
• Sieges 100% working.
• Geodata fully working.
• Offline Shop working.
• TvT event: auto in every 2h. (Later will have "Character Killing Monuments" "Party Farm" and "Tournament"
• Spawn Protection.
• Clan Hall work 100%.
• Petitions 100% work.
• Malaria Cholera etc. from Hot Springs have been REMOVED!
• Life Stones have been REMOVED!
• Queen Ant place is PvP Zone!
• Flame of Splendor Barakiel place is PvP Zone!

CUSTOM ITEMS (All items buy with Spoil materials Epic Tokens AA):
• Spoil is retail like.
• Epic Tokens (Drop only from Raid bosses in Gondor and Mordor.)
• Ancient Adena (Drop from ACM Monsters Gondor and Mordor Guards.)
• Epic Dark Knight Set (EDK)
• Kamikaze Set (Visual like a Dynasty)
• Vendetta Set (Visual like a Apella)
• Epic Weapons ( Stats = Normal S greade Weapons but little up P. Atk/M. Atk.)
• Kamikaze Weapons (Fighter Critical and Mage bonus skills.)
- Fighter Bonus Skill ( P.Atk/Atk. Spd. +15%. Decrease P. Def/M. Def -10% Shok Resistance -25%.)
- Critical Bonus Skill ( Crit. Dmg +15% Atk. Speed and Speed +10%. Decrease P. Def/M. Def -10% Hold Resistance -25%.)
- Mage Bonus Skill ( Cst. Spd +15% M. Atk +15%. Decrease P. Def/M. Def -10% Hold Sleep and Silence Resistance -25%.)
• Epic Mask ( Bonus - HP+300 Speed +30.)
• Epic Shield ( Bonus - P. Def +2% Shok and Silence Resistance +20%)
• Epic Accessories ( 6 accessories with little bonus status.)
• Epic Cloaks ( Cloak Protection P.Def +500 Iron Will M.Def +500 Balance P. Def/M. Def +250.)
• Dual Sword of Miracles ( Stats = Arcana + Acumen.)
• Dusk Sword ( Stats = Arcana + Acumen.)
• Dusk Shield ( Bonus - P. Def +2% Shok and Silence Resistance +20%)
• Global Gatekeeper (Teleport to All Towns and teritories Leveling Zone Farm and Epic Zones.)
• NPC Buffer without Cov Cat Seraphin etc...
• Vote Manager
• DeLevel Comand (.delevel - for a level needed 1kk Adena)
• Siege Manager
• Misc Shop
• Weapon Shop
• Armor/Jewel Shop
• Epic Lord (All custom items craft here.)
• Blacksmith of Mammon (Here you can unseal your Weapon Armor and jewels.)
• Merchant of Mammon (Here you can buy dyes and material recipes.)
• Warehouse Keeper
• Symbol Maker
• Skill Manager (Here you can enchant skills for all classes with Secret Book of Giants.)
• Boss Manager (Here you can see all custom raid and grand bosses respawn time.)
• Ancient Trader (Here you can exchange seal stones up level to Soul Crystal for SA buy Dual Sword of Miracle Dusk Sword and Shield.)
• All class changer (Here change your 1st 2nd and 3rd. Reward 1 BOG in 3rd.)
• Olympiad Manager
• Custom Anti-Bot System: We have a custom anti-bot system that will prevent bots from taking the joy of the game.
• Vendetta PvP Title Color System: PvPers will be awarded with custom title colors automatically according to their PvP ranking.
• Chanpion System - Double HP Triple drop rate.
• Work comand .deposit/.withdraw - 1KKK Adena | .tvtjoin | .tvtleave | .tvtstatus | .raidinfo | .menu | .delevel |
• The player has to be inside in 1000 radius around the RaidBoss Barakiel in order to get Nobless!
• Multibox protection - Maximum client per PC is 3. Disconect multibox in 30 sec.
• PvP/PK Announce massage.
• PvP/PK System Color name.
• Pvp Reward System - 1 000 000 Adena.
• Show enemys HP/CP on die.
• Balance class damages and class damages in oly.
• Death Penality chance if killed by mob is 20%.
And much more...