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Server Rank 17
Platform L2J
Language English
Chronicle CT0 Interlude
Category Lineage 2 (Games)
Online 3 years 5 months and 15 days
Server Status:
Discord Discord
Added 2020-12-31 22:16:58
Open: 2021-01-20 06:00:00
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Server Rates
Exp: x1000
SP: x1000
Adena: x1000
Drops: x1
Safe Enchant: +4
Max Enchant: +16
Server Customs
GM Shop
Global GK
Offline Shop
RaidBoss Status
Quest Item Shop
PC Bang Points Shop
Dye Shop
Boss Shop
Custom Zone
Custom Monsters
Custom Raidboss
Custom GrandBoss
Custom Boss Level
Custom Weapons
Custom Armor
Custom Champion Monsters
Custom Drops
Autolearn Skills
Official Siege time
Official Olympiad time
Automatic Events
Auto Pickup
Custom Commands
Custom Community Board

Lin2WiT About Server
Custom Instant Level 80 And Sub Class Level 80
You StartUp with Weapon and Armor B Grade And 50kk
Safe 4 Max 16
Mid 7% High 12% Top 15%
Custom Items:
Lin2WiT Donate Coin (1 Euro = 1 Coin)
Lin2WiT Custom Coin (From Farm)
Lin2WiT Vote Coin (From Votes)
Lin2WiT Event Coin (From Events)
Lin2WiT Chests Double Clicks:
Black= Random RB Jewel (Droped From Raids)
Jade= Random Enchant Scroll (Insane)
Yellow= Random Amount Lin2WiT Custom Coins
Purple= Random Lifestone
Green= Random Scroll (Blessed)
Blue= Random Scroll (Normal)
Red= Random Amount Ancient Adena
Custom Mods:
Starting Zone Elven Village (All NPC There)
Olympiad Zone Custom (All Olympiad NPC There)
Custom Party Farm Zone With Big Drops
4 Custom Raid Bosses
Noblesse From Farm or Raids
Custom TvT Every 3 Hours
Custom Death Match Every 3 Hours
Custom Last Man Every 3 Hours
Custom Tournament 1v1
NPC Buffer With Scheme
NPC Raid Boss Manager
NPC Server Information
About Donation
(by Donating for our Project you help us keep the server alive)
VIP Character Increases Drops Rates and Enchant Rates by +5%
Noblesse Character
Change Name-Gender-Class
Clan Level 8
Clan Full Clan Skills
Clan Reputation
Change Name Clan
Reset PK Points
All Skills Works
No Custom Armor/Weapons
No OverPowered Thinks
No Corrupted Server
Full Balanced Classes
Our Developer Team Since 2006 And Players From C2
We Are Serious And We Offer You A Good Gameplay Here
We Know What To Do To Make You Happy At Our S