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Server Rank 20
Platform L2J
Language English
Chronicle CT0 Interlude
Category Lineage 2 (Games)
Online 2 years 8 months and 17 days
Server Status:
Discord Discord
Added 2021-03-23 01:39:25
Open: 2021-03-27 08:00:00
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Server Rates
Exp: x500
SP: x500
Adena: x10
Drops: x10
Safe Enchant: +4
Max Enchant: +18
Server Customs
GM Shop
Global GK
Offline Shop
RaidBoss Status
Quest Item Shop
PC Bang Points Shop
Dye Shop
Boss Shop
Custom Zone
Custom Monsters
Custom Raidboss
Custom GrandBoss
Custom Boss Level
Custom Weapons
Custom Armor
Custom Champion Monsters
Custom Drops
Autolearn Skills
Official Siege time
Official Olympiad time
Automatic Events
Auto Pickup
Custom Commands
Custom Community Board

Lin2WiT Interlude Custom PvP Server !
Grand Opening 21/May/2021 20:00 GMT+3 !
1000€ Real Money Cash For Top Clans !
200€ Real Money Cash For Top Players !
Discord Event Top Invites Ingame Rewards !
Register your Clan at Discord Get Level 8 !
Instant 80lv With Startup full S Grade Free
Enchant Safe 4 Max +18 With 80% Rate
3 Different Scrolls BlessedInsaneDivine
Augment Mid 8% High 11% Top 18% Rate
Vesper Weapons Balancea little Increased
Stats Based at S Grade Retail Weapons
Vesper Armors Balancea little Increased
Stats Based at Mixed S/A Retail Armors
4 Different Tattoo's +1Str+1Dex+1Int+1Wit
Full Balanced Skills/Class at PvP/Olympiad
6 Mini Boss Respawn Every 2 Hours Everyday
4 Raid Boss Respawn Every 4 Hours Everyday
3 Grand Boss Respawn 8/12/16 Hours Everyday
Events TvT DM LM Party Farm 3 Times Everyday
Event Tournament 1v1 for 30 Mins Everyday
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