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Server Rank 36
Platform L2J
Language English
Chronicle CT0 Interlude
Category Lineage 2 (Games)
Online 2 years 11 months and 16 days
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Added 2021-08-04 14:21:47
Open: 2021-08-01 20:00:00
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Server Rates
Exp: x1000
SP: x10000
Adena: x1
Drops: x1
Safe Enchant: +3
Max Enchant: +18
Server Customs
GM Shop
Global GK
Offline Shop
RaidBoss Status
Quest Item Shop
PC Bang Points Shop
Dye Shop
Boss Shop
Custom Zone
Custom Monsters
Custom Raidboss
Custom GrandBoss
Custom Boss Level
Custom Weapons
Custom Armor
Custom Champion Monsters
Custom Drops
Autolearn Skills
Official Siege time
Official Olympiad time
Automatic Events
Auto Pickup
Custom Commands
Custom Community Board

L2 MIX - Lineage 2 Interlude.

Time Server Site - GMT +3
Duration of the Buffs Dances and Songs - 4 hours
Maximum Buffs Slots - 48
Olympiads Max Enchant - 6
Anti-Bot System Smart Guard
Fully functioning Geodata and Pathnodes
Sub-Class Noblesse without Quest
Auto Learn Skills
Auto Learn Loot
15 Different Raidbosses
Reworked Augment system - Only Passive Augments exists
Experience (EXP) - 5000x
Skill Points (SP) - 5000x
Whole server economy reworked
Adena - x1
Drop Items - 1x
Weight Limit - Disabled
Safe Enchant - 3
Max Enchant Blessed - 16
Max Enchant Crystal - 20
Normal Scroll chance - 75%
Blessed Scroll chance 95%
Crystal Scroll chance 100%
Top Life Stone chance 15%
Farm System: Whole server economy reworked. Added special Hunting Zones with custom server currency as drop. All other mobs and npcs from default Hunting Zones and Towns are completly removed.

Raidbosses: 15 Different Raidbosses with custom drops and spawn times to make sure there is allways a fight on it's way. Drops and spawn info can be found in game by pressing ALT+B.

Class Balance and Olympiad: Class balance reworked both in Olympiad and outside of it seperatly in order to assure quality gameplay all around. Oly starts at 18:00 GMT +3 Heroes change every Sunday after Oly.

The aim of the project is to provide quality gameplay for as many players as we can. We will continue working on the server as it proceeds to function fixing bugs and adjusting balance according to both our and players perspectives.