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Server Rank 5
Platform L2J
Language English
Chronicle Master Class Ch. 2
Category Lineage 2 (Games)
Online 0 years 3 months and 4 days
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Added 2022-05-16 02:52:07
Open: 2022-08-05 10:04:57
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Server Rates
Exp: x850
SP: x850
Adena: x35
Drops: x2
Safe Enchant: +3
Max Enchant: +30
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⚔️ Lineage II - Song of War ⚔️
Master Class - Chapter 2 - High Rate PvP Server
🔸Hundreds of real players lots of fun and a visual experience never seen before. Join Song of War. The latest official version of the mythical mmorpg Lineage 2 Chapter 2 of the Master Class chronicle brings with it a great update of skills items and improved functionalities!
- Hundreds of updated Skills (and fixes) giving the biggest update in all the classes of the last years.
- All Harmony Melody and Resistances are combined into 3 skills to reduce the amount of skills buffs.
- Balthus Knight Event
- New PvP Balance implemented.
- New PvE content: Zones Raid Boss Epic Boss Quests and Instances.
- New Augmenting System New Enchanting System Enchanting info window and auto Mass-Enchanting
- New Items added: Fallen Angel Earring and variants. Tersi Soul Crystal (SA for armors). SA Attribute and Augment enabled for Shields and Sigils New Artifacts Gran Kain Enchant Artifact Book Scroll Augment Stone for Kaliel Bracelet and others.