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Hello, thank you for using our services.

History sum:
This donate panel was originally sold from DenArt Designs to many big servers (for example mafia) many years a lot of bugs and issues where reported and fixed with the help of many admins that reported or even helped to fix them the only problem was that each time a lot of people did not know how to install or configure this donate panel so instead of waiting we came up with this idea.

The idea:
This idea is to make everybody comfortable and without special knowledge or wait for the free support of DenArt Designs to help, to make this as more easy as it gets.

We installed this panel in our website and you can use it for free with a few clicks, and even providing all the payment methods for free we include a small server side setup for your developer, last but not least you can have a donate panel for each server you own.

How it works (Payment in easy 5 steps):
  1. Player writes the username.
  2. Select the one of the donation services you have available.
  3. Select the amount of payment you set.
  4. User Pays.
  5. Automatically receive the reward in the game (and yes) while he is online or not (he can get it when he will login)!

  • Full SSL protection(at all times)
  • XSS Protection
  • SQL Injection protection
  • Query String protection
  • Payment Validation
  • Google Captcha to check for bots

SEO & Public management
  • SEO Friendly urls
  • Terms and use
  • Terms for G2A Pay
  • Refund policy
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